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About the Artist

I am a Canadian born, Caribbean raised artist,  and have been working with gems and developing my unique style since 1999.  Inspired by my deep love of gems & minerals :::: the never ending colour pallet, the textures, patterns and reflections in both the natural mineral formations and the cut or carved gem ::::: there is always something that enlivens my creativity! 


I carefully hand selected each stone and I love to find rarities & mineral oddities to include.  As much as is possible, I also love to work with materials mined &/or cut in North America. More than half of the cut stones I work with are cut or carved by local North American artists and of those, about half are also mined here. 


The designs are a beautiful juxtaposition of the rough, natural stone, accented by the cut, classic gem. Her intricately hand woven wire wrapped design has been described as "flowing organic lines with simplicity in it's complexity..... art fashion" ...  Naomi is said to be, " of the more successful proponents and pioneers of this rich style" (Bonham's & Butterfields).   She says she just wants to live by her passions!!



Designed to be One of a kind BOLD Elegant wearable works of ArT!

Modern Jewelry With a Twist


I believe in community and working together so that we all can succeed and source much of my material in support of this belief!

About 50% of the cut stones used in my work come from a several small time lapidary artists. The lapidaries have captured my imagination with how they fashion precious and semi-precious materials into artsy cabachons, intricate carvings, and classic cut stones. 

Artists Supporting Other Artists is what it's all about.

In addition:::::: approximately 50% of the gems and minerals cut by the artists I know are also mined by people I know!!

I love digging for the minerals and call many hobby and professional miner friend​. 

As much as possible I like to work with gems and minerals pulled out of the earth by hands I shake personally!  I feel that working with small time digging operations decreases my footprint and at the same time supports more friends!

Thank You For Supporting MY Art!

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