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Gem Lenses made from perfectly clear, gem slices collected in the 70’s from the Himalaya Tourmaline Mine in California. Sliced from a large rubellite tourmaline, the natural crystal growth defines the shape of these lens.  You can look at the world through “rose coloured”  perfection. GemShades are works of *Wearable Art*:::warning::: you will not see any red flags wearing rose coloured glasses. Also, these are not ANSI Z87 or FDA (USA) approved but tourmaline cut at this angle have polarizing properties!!

Rose on Rose

  • Designed for repeat wear & use but remember it is still art. Craftsmanship guaranteed for a lifetime under normal wear and tear.

    To safely clean, use a non-abrasive jewelry cleaner & a soft brush. Keeping only to the metal frame, be gentle & scrub lightly

    This eyeware is not approved by your optometrist.

    Please wear responsibility.

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