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These lenses are a matched pair of Rubellite Tourmaline crystal slices ffrom the Himlaya Tourmaline Mine in San Diego County, CA.


The price you see is for the tourmaline slice "lenses" and the proposed design can be customized to your liking.


 The average frames starting around 2500 which includes highly detailed fronts and arms and you can control the price a little in all of the design options.

Rubellite -Wide Style

  • When you add this to your cart you will be purchasing the slices you see here.

    You'll be prompted to add a little note while adding this to your cart.  You don't have to say much, just let me know teo things:::

    1::: Is this for a specific date? Each pair of glasses takes 50-80 hours in actual creation hours, I can take rush orders but lets plan accordingly!!

    2::: Let me know if you are interested in the proposed design you see here or if you have some imaginations of your own!


    This will start the creative conversation which is half the fun!!

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