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These lenses come in a variety of sizes and prices and materials....

Adding this to your cart will start a conversation with the artist about your customized pair of GemShades! Individual listings for the lenses coming soon and for now, here is what's availabe:::::::


Rose Coloured Lenses:::::::

  • Mesa Grande, Himalaya Tourmaline matched "lenses" from a recently aquired 1970's collection!  20/ct


Blue Lenses:::::::: Coming Soon!!

  • Old Brazilian Indicolite Tourmaline perfectly gemmy for clear vision while wearing **These are currently a part of a collaborative effort with a Mokume Gane atist who will be doing coponents of the frames


Yellow Lenses::::::::

  • Chiapas Amber cut in Mexico at the mine from AAA grade, perfectly gemmy for clear vision while wearing. Also the most light weight gem lens option.

Custom Shapes/Styles Available with a short wait!

Gem Lenses

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